Dave sits down with the author of the parenting blog "Dad Loves Coffee", Patrick Defors. About 2 years ago, Patrick and his wife made the decision for him to leave his 9-5 and become a Stay at Home Dad. Patrick, like most stay at home dads, felt the same "Karen" eyes on him as he was raising his two wonderful children. 

Dads do not "watch their children". They nurture, foster, and grow. Building foundations and making the house whole. Take these points home with you today.

1. Being a Stay at home dad is a full-time gig. You aren't there to just "watch" your children. You're the dad, not a babysitter.

2. Go with the flow. Let your children learn, be there when they fall, learn with them.

3. Get to their level. You're kids learn from you. By matching emotion, you're teaching your child to act in such a way.


Be sure to check out Patrick's blog "Dad Loves Coffee." America may run on Dunkin, but dad runs on coffee. (That works, right? We'll go with it)

You can find him at www.dadlovescoffee.com

A great quote from his first blog post "Don't Forget About Dads

" I know my title may not be the norm and that Moms deserve every bit of praise and respect, but please don’t forget about Dad."

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